Hi guys! I made a super yummy mango lemonade…very fast! It’s tart….the way I love it so add more sugar, mango and/or water to the mix to make it sweeter.

9 Lemons

1/3 Sugar

1 1/2 Mango slices (or strawberries)

5 cups water

First blend the mango (strawberries) with one cup of water. Then add sugar and blend again. Than squeeze nine lemons and add four more cups water and blend! YUMMY!


Thanks again,

The Insane Blogger

My Favorite Sites

Hi guys! Today I’m going to talk about my favorite sites to be on 😛 I know that people have a general site that’s their ‘go to’ site and here are some of mine…if you have any in-common or would like to add yours comment down below!!

1) Instagram–explaining needed??

2) Pinterest–all the diys, beauty, fashion, hacks, and food you will ever need!

3) Youtube–hours of watching some funny topics and people ohh and music!

4) Netflix–all of my favorite shows and movies right in front of your face for free! (well almost)

5) Picmonkey–I love editing stuff on here!!!

These are just FIVE of my favorite sites…tbh I don’t really use social media other than up above and texting…that kinda stuff…I don’t really care for that much social media. It just seems to suck my day away;) That’s just me, some people can use self control and I have proven I don’t use any XD But I do love the internet!!!!

Thanks again,

The Insane Blogger

What I’m addicted too…

Hi guys! Today I’m going to talk about what I’m addicted to! I find that everyone has an addiction of or to something in the world. Some addictions include eating addictions, video game and internet addictions, smoking, drug, and OTHER stuff addictions, chocolate addictions (cause you have to put that in it’s own catorgory duh) and shopping addiction.

I’m addicted to:

Doctor Who, I’m a Whovian guys!!!


Food…especially junk and snack type food ei chips, chocolate, ice cream, sweet, salty, and savory small things 😛


The mall (I will try to get over there as much as possible!!!)


Taking pictures! Is that bad?? Lol

MEBad one but whatever…gets my point across insta LiviwithPups

I hope you guys enjoyed! Please comment what your addictions are!!!!! 🙂

Thanks again,

The Insane Blogger

Dandelion Butterfly Card

Hi guys! Today I’m going to show you how to make this:


You will need:


Blue printer paper

White paint

Green and brown colored pencil

Plate (canvas to hold a pea sized amount of paint)

Butterfly cutout or stickers

Step one:


Draw two stems with light green pencil and two dots with a highlight as the center with a brown pencil

Step Two:


Put a pea sized amount of white paint on your plate and dot dandelion fluff with your finger on the card

Step Three:

Paint or glue your butterflies however you wish, you could even use bumblebees or ladybugs…k

Step Four:


Write your message inside and enjoy!

Thanks for looking, please repin this and like! I’m sorry about the messy camera work!

The Insane Blogger


Hey Everyone,

Some of my family is sick, so I’m here bored…with nothing to do. Just cleaning and homework….a kid’s favorite mix, am I right? So I’ve just been looking around, btw I’m so sorry I didn’t make an Easter Post!!! It was very fun!!! (other than the family being sick) We ordered Chinese Food…traditional!! Lol, well I’ve just been looking on Pinterest for DIYs and traveling and food, oh yeah and I’ve been on Youtube a lot too! I just found this awesome site that can make you wall art for FREEEEEE check it out! http://rasterbator.net/  Haha…and the other thing was I want to make my dad an ashtray out of a soda can and post it on the blog……:P Lol I saw that idea on Pinterest too, does anyone have any suggestions for DIY ashtrays…List below

ThAnkS EvErYoNe,

ɹǝƃƃolq ǝuɐsuI ǝɥ⊥

Fun Stuff

Hi Everyone,

Before I start my post, I just want to say I’m getting baptized today!!! Yay!!! I was waiting so long so I’m super happy and I’m getting baptized with my friend Madi! Lol, just wanted to share with ya’ll, one more side note is the last post was done the twenty eight not the twenty seven….

So I had been wanted to do my organization for a while, I mean I had a basic thing going. And hey…it wasn’t that bad! But I wanted the wow factor, that something that is so cute and inspiring, not just your plan organization…so I’ve been looking on Pinterest and I’ve been getting some ideas! Š☀ ⑂ᾰẙ! Lol I was just messing around…..!!ɹǝlʎʇs pɹoʍ ʎա ɥʇıʍ!!! Anyways….so I’ve been looking around and making so plans! If you guys would like to share your ideas with me that would be just FAB!! Are there any organizations that don’t work for you? Please share you experience if possible! It would be so helpful!!!

Thanks again guys,

Ⓣⓗⓔ I❊n❊s❊a❊n❊ereggolB (Playing around again sorry…)

Cookie Monster Corner Bookmark

Hi Everyone,

It’s Livi! Today I made an awesome Cookie Monster Corner Bookmark from…PINTEREST! And tbh I made the entire Seaseme Street collection for fun! I used a simple corner bookmark DIY and totally outdid them!! http://ink-spirations.blogspot.com/2010/09/corner-bookmark-tutorial.html  This is the link if you guys want the tutorial, but you can just look it up on Pinterest as well.


Thanks Again Everyone,

The Insane Blogger


Hi Everyone,

Spring is in the air! Flowers blooming, sun shining, enjoyable rain showers, average school days, and Pinterest + Blogging! Finally my main computer that frustrated and restrained me from my detailed blogging got a revamp and is working so much better now! I’m so excited and I hope to do a lot more DIYs. With the beginning of this blog I didn’t really have a good vision and for that matter good grammar. Now I’m imagining and grasping my visions and my grammar has been molded (by my loving teacher and mother) into a more readable form. I physically have developed too (big suprise!) and my fashion has totally changed lol! For this simple DIY I did use my good camera but it didn’t sync the photo’s to my computer, so I was stuck using my laptops camera which is poor quality. Sorry! I did a simple bunny bunting for the mantle which was looking a little dull after we took down the flower box. I got it from Pinterest (where else?) It’s super easy to make! Here’s the site: http://www.cleanandscentsible.com/2011/04/bunny-bunting.html

bunny-bunting Bunny Bunting 2

Hey Everyone!

Hi Guys!

I’m so excited to be back! So much has happened, I went on a cruise, was in a parade on a float singing!!, lots of school, friends, shopping, more school, and the daily stuff of being me! So recently my old email account was shut down they said someone apparently ‘hacked into it’ but it was me signing into my email over the library computer…since it was from a different location they gave me a warning. Did I listen? No way! So I kept signing in from computer to computer and one day it shut down. So I had to make a NEW email which is now; misslivylover@gmail.com I’ll update my page so you guys will see my new email! I noticed some new people visiting my site…Thank you soooo much!!! You don’t know how much that’s appreciated! Well any minute now my family from New Hampshire came all the way down to humble ol’ Texas to see us! I just finished baking so brownies!!! Yum!! Thanks again…SO EXCITED BYEE!

I Did the Bean Boozled Challenge!!

Hi everyone! Has anyone ever seen this novelty item?

eww eww 2

Yup. It’s gross right? Well I got it and did it today. At the end I wish I had left it on the shelf. Haha. Here are the okay and worst of the Bean Boozled Challenge:

Stinky Socks-Mild

Lawn Clippings-Mild

Rotten Egg-GROSS!


Canned Dog Food-Mild


Moldy Cheese-GROSS!

Baby Wipes-Mild

Skunk Spray-Ew


Barf was the worst, spit it out, washed my hands to get out the smell, and gulped two cups of water. Yeah..

The Insane Blogger

Pretty Flowers!

Today I’m just going to show some pictures of flowers in snapple jars at a farmer’s market I went to (put these as your backround and send to a friend) Enjoy!

Creammyy Gooeey Mac-and-Cheese yo 018

Creammyy Gooeey Mac-and-Cheese yo 019 Creammyy Gooeey Mac-and-Cheese yo 020 Creammyy Gooeey Mac-and-Cheese yo 021

Feel free to use these! They aren’t copyright 🙂 Use them for your backround, a gift idea, or anything else you can think of! Please please comment or email me of ideas for the giveaway! Tell your friends!! Thanks again!

The Insane Blogger

Another Riddle (cause their fun!)

Hi guys! I deiced to post one more riddle cause their so fun! Enjoy

While exploring the wild highlands of Ireland, Robert was captured by goblins. Grumpy, the chief of the goblins told him he was allowed one final statement on which would hinge how he would die. If the statement he made was false, he would be boiled in water. If the statement were true, he would be fried in oil. Sine Robert did not like either option, so he made a statement that forced the goblins to release him. What is the one statement he could make to save himself?

Comment below with the answer! Thanks, and enjoy!

The Insane Blogger

A Fun Riddle!

Hey everyone! Today my schedule is tight, school, homework, piano lessons, PE, and all that good stuff! So today I’ll give you a fun riddle to think on! Comment below if you think you have the answer!

Why wasn’t Bertha put in jail after killing dozens of people?

The Insane Blogger


Hi everyone! I’m so glad I can blog again! Today I wanted to talk a little about homework. For me homework can be fun, but middle school shows to be a homework loving stage of schooling. My teachers cram as much homework as possible for our assignments. Now I am home-schooled, which means my mom schools me. But at the same time a take outside of the house classes and courses. My courses are set up like collage courses. You have to set your schedule for finishing your homework on time and you can leave for lunch or a break and come back if you have another class. This type of homework can seem scary and daunting to a regular middleschooler like me. I come back home and plan my homework for the week, the day and the time. I have to be very specific about it so I don’t procrastinate (And boy am I good at procrastinating!) I may put sticky notes, which are one of my favorite tools, and I write the time I must do the homework and stick it to the page I must read, fill in, etc etc. And I set a reminder on my device so I remember I have to do, lets say science homework. I see the reminder then I take out all my science books and a snack and plop down at my desk, I set a timer, concentrate, and get down to it! Hope this helps and if anyone has any tips please share! I would like to hear your tips and I’m sure others would!

The Insane Blogger

Hi guys! Got back from vacation!

Hi all! We got back from a vacation at New Hampshire! We did so many things! I didn’t take much pictures, >sorry!< We stayed with our grandparents and visited or family, we went to a lot of places, including Gas Light a yummy pizza place (and gluten free pizza), Street (Foods from all over the world at one place), with our little cousin Violet to her library, Canobie Lakes, a amusement park, my favorite ride, I can't decided! The worst one is the Wipe-Out! AND THAT REALLY MEANS WIPE-OUT just me and Chloe went on that, I was holding down my throw-up on that one, and there was a mental image of a girl puking on the ride just before, that didn't help! But I enjoyed everything! We went to a Lakeside resort that we went tubing and on a boat, with family and my cute 7-year-old cousin! And so much more, we really enjoyed that and I hope I will keep posting, will be hard with school coming up! Thanks again!

The Insane Blogger


Sorry everyone the current computer I use is having a difficult time with WordPress, I am using another computer right now.. so so so sorry for this! I really miss blogging! Here’s a pic of me 🙂 Just to let you guys see how much I’ve grown! Thanks so much for Rainbow Stripes support! I love ya’ll and hope to get back to blogging! Byee!

The Insane Blogger

Tea is Important for You!

I was reading this book called the Teashop Girls (I have turned into the most book-crazy book worm over night) and it was reminding me that I should drink tea. Here is my way of how to make good tea with the tea packet:

1) Take a cup with cold water and pour it into a tea kettle or a pot

2) Let the water boil put not to the point were your tea kettle whistles

3) Put your tea packet and one tablespoon of sugar into your cup

4) Let the water cool down then put in your cup

5) Stir sugar for thirty seconds then let the tea seep for three minutes

6) Sip and Enjoy!

Hope you enjoy this and drink tea daily!

The Insane Blogger

Cute Valentine’s Card

This is a simple so cute card! I thought you may want the instructions with this card! What you’ll need Scissors, glue, 2″x 6″ pieces of kraft cardstock, colored pencils, 20mm googly eyes, 3/4″ round paper punch, adhesive foam squares, ruler, patterned craft paper (6″ x 6″ pad; americancrafts.com) Make it: 1. Fold the cardstock […]

Sewing Machine in Rehab!

My wonderful vintage Kenmore sewing machine is getting fixed! It needs some new oil and lubricant and get the lint and all out of the machine and get my fancy stitches to work again! And she will be ready in 5 weeks!! Well I guess I’m waiting for over a month to get ‘Kenny’ back and running! :/