Get the Stress off your Shoulders

Get the Stress off your Shoulders

Lately I’ve been a bit more “high strung” then normal and my mom is having to force me to relax before I blow. I needed to calm down. So crocheting, sewing, and knitting were great but my hands are a little sore right now from all the yarn rubbing on them, so I decided to paint! Now you might be thinking, ” Painting is too much work for an every day stress reliever, but all you need for this method of painting is: a paintbrush of any type, a jar of any type to hold water (I got a vintage baby food jar for painting at Hobby Lobby), a piece of water color paper (you can get this stuff at your craft store or maybe at a little shoppe somewhere), and the painting miracle that makes painting mess free, KIMBERLY Watercolor pencils Crayon Aquarelle! All you have to do is sketch on the paper with the pencils and dab the brush in the water and paint that water over the pencil lines! It makes it look like you painted it with water colors (which you technically did 🙂 ) and you get your beautiful mess free painting!!! This is a must get!


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