Eggs, Plates, & Blessings

Well, it’s a lazy day today. We’re not doing school (due to some minor details I won’t bore you with) and we’re going shopping later. Anyways my mom woke me and Chloe up. I stayed in bed a couple more minutes then got up and slipped on my slippers. Then it dawned on me, “What if I didn’t have these fuzzy slippers to keep my feet from hitting the cold hardwood floor in my room?” Wow. I’m lucky I have slippers. No, it’s a blessing I have slippers. I started to make my bed, ” I don’t like making the bed, it’s not fun.” But yet again it dawns on me, ” Well what if I didn’t have a warm bed to make?! This bed to make is yet another blessing!” So (I do this often) I try to see how many blessings I can make out of my morning. More and more blessings keep coming to me, blessing that so many people have that we take for granted. Finally I was making eggs for my sister Sophia. The eggs sizzled and popped, and their smell was so sweet. Eggs are a big blessing, along with a side of bacon never hurt anyone either…right? I moved the eggs onto the plate. Plates, plates are a blessing! Without plates we would have the crayons that we color with on our table in our food. Yuck. Yuck. And yuck. Yes I think plates are the best blessing on the list so far. (And I haven’t listed all the blessings I thought of this morning) Yes, through this morning I’ve gotten a different mindset about plates. And I will adore plates from this day on 🙂 Here a picture of those beautiful eggs sizzling.Image


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