My Trip to San Antonio

My family and I went to San Antonio for four days, we did a lot there!

We went to the river walk and went to a lot of the shops and restaurants there…ImageImage

There was a boat tour that you could do in the river-walk, we went on it…Image


This building right up here is 2-D illusion! It really did look like a cardboard building but it was a real building!

We went to the Alamo…ImageImageImage

I couldn’t get pictures inside the Alamo unfortunately! The Alamo had a beautiful garden when you exit the Alamo…ImageImageImage

We walked around the streets A LOT and ate breakfast and dinner out every time!! Mom always took me and my siblings to Shilo’s (SHE-lo’s) for breakfast, and boy was that good…ImageImage 

And we went to a lot of shops and all. We also went on a trolley (my first time)…Image

And there were always horses walking along with big Cinderella-Styled carriages! They lit up at night, some newly-weds were in them too I only got a picture of one..ImageImage

We also got to see our family’s friend, we stayed up pretty late with the kids 🙂 I had a really fun time in San Antonio! Hope you like my post! 


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