Hi guys! Got back from vacation!

Hi all! We got back from a vacation at New Hampshire! We did so many things! I didn’t take much pictures, >sorry!< We stayed with our grandparents and visited or family, we went to a lot of places, including Gas Light a yummy pizza place (and gluten free pizza), Street (Foods from all over the world at one place), with our little cousin Violet to her library, Canobie Lakes, a amusement park, my favorite ride, I can't decided! The worst one is the Wipe-Out! AND THAT REALLY MEANS WIPE-OUT just me and Chloe went on that, I was holding down my throw-up on that one, and there was a mental image of a girl puking on the ride just before, that didn't help! But I enjoyed everything! We went to a Lakeside resort that we went tubing and on a boat, with family and my cute 7-year-old cousin! And so much more, we really enjoyed that and I hope I will keep posting, will be hard with school coming up! Thanks again!

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