Hi everyone! I’m so glad I can blog again! Today I wanted to talk a little about homework. For me homework can be fun, but middle school shows to be a homework loving stage of schooling. My teachers cram as much homework as possible for our assignments. Now I am home-schooled, which means my mom schools me. But at the same time a take outside of the house classes and courses. My courses are set up like collage courses. You have to set your schedule for finishing your homework on time and you can leave for lunch or a break and come back if you have another class. This type of homework can seem scary and daunting to a regular middleschooler like me. I come back home and plan my homework for the week, the day and the time. I have to be very specific about it so I don’t procrastinate (And boy am I good at procrastinating!) I may put sticky notes, which are one of my favorite tools, and I write the time I must do the homework and stick it to the page I must read, fill in, etc etc. And I set a reminder on my device so I remember I have to do, lets say science homework. I see the reminder then I take out all my science books and a snack and plop down at my desk, I set a timer, concentrate, and get down to it! Hope this helps and if anyone has any tips please share! I would like to hear your tips and I’m sure others would!

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One thought on “Homework

  1. Thanks, I’m in high school and I have a hard time with that too. One way I remember is on my mirror in my room I draw on it with a dry erase marker. When I come to my desk to study I see that and I’m like oh yeah! I have to do that. Thanks again

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