Hey Everyone!

Hi Guys!

I’m so excited to be back! So much has happened, I went on a cruise, was in a parade on a float singing!!, lots of school, friends, shopping, more school, and the daily stuff of being me! So recently my old email account was shut down they said someone apparently ‘hacked into it’ but it was me signing into my email over the library computer…since it was from a different location they gave me a warning. Did I listen? No way! So I kept signing in from computer to computer and one day it shut down. So I had to make a NEW email which is now; misslivylover@gmail.com I’ll update my page so you guys will see my new email! I noticed some new people visiting my site…Thank you soooo much!!! You don’t know how much that’s appreciated! Well any minute now my family from New Hampshire came all the way down to humble ol’ Texas to see us! I just finished baking so brownies!!! Yum!! Thanks again…SO EXCITED BYEE!


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