Hi Everyone,

Spring is in the air! Flowers blooming, sun shining, enjoyable rain showers, average school days, and Pinterest + Blogging! Finally my main computer that frustrated and restrained me from my detailed blogging got a revamp and is working so much better now! I’m so excited and I hope to do a lot more DIYs. With the beginning of this blog I didn’t really have a good vision and for that matter good grammar. Now I’m imagining and grasping my visions and my grammar has been molded (by my loving teacher and mother) into a more readable form. I physically have developed too (big suprise!) and my fashion has totally changed lol! For this simple DIY I did use my good camera but it didn’t sync the photo’s to my computer, so I was stuck using my laptops camera which is poor quality. Sorry! I did a simple bunny bunting for the mantle which was looking a little dull after we took down the flower box. I got it from Pinterest (where else?) It’s super easy to make! Here’s the site: http://www.cleanandscentsible.com/2011/04/bunny-bunting.html

bunny-bunting Bunny Bunting 2


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