Fun Stuff

Hi Everyone,

Before I start my post, I just want to say I’m getting baptized today!!! Yay!!! I was waiting so long so I’m super happy and I’m getting baptized with my friend Madi! Lol, just wanted to share with ya’ll, one more side note is the last post was done the twenty eight not the twenty seven….

So I had been wanted to do my organization for a while, I mean I had a basic thing going. And hey…it wasn’t that bad! But I wanted the wow factor, that something that is so cute and inspiring, not just your plan organization…so I’ve been looking on Pinterest and I’ve been getting some ideas! Š☀ ⑂ᾰẙ! Lol I was just messing around…..!!ɹǝlʎʇs pɹoʍ ʎա ɥʇıʍ!!! Anyways….so I’ve been looking around and making so plans! If you guys would like to share your ideas with me that would be just FAB!! Are there any organizations that don’t work for you? Please share you experience if possible! It would be so helpful!!!

Thanks again guys,

Ⓣⓗⓔ I❊n❊s❊a❊n❊ereggolB (Playing around again sorry…)


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