Hey Everyone,

Some of my family is sick, so I’m here bored…with nothing to do. Just cleaning and homework….a kid’s favorite mix, am I right? So I’ve just been looking around, btw I’m so sorry I didn’t make an Easter Post!!! It was very fun!!! (other than the family being sick) We ordered Chinese Food…traditional!! Lol, well I’ve just been looking on Pinterest for DIYs and traveling and food, oh yeah and I’ve been on Youtube a lot too! I just found this awesome site that can make you wall art for FREEEEEE check it out!  Haha…and the other thing was I want to make my dad an ashtray out of a soda can and post it on the blog……:P Lol I saw that idea on Pinterest too, does anyone have any suggestions for DIY ashtrays…List below

ThAnkS EvErYoNe,

ɹǝƃƃolq ǝuɐsuI ǝɥ⊥


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