What I’m addicted too…

Hi guys! Today I’m going to talk about what I’m addicted to! I find that everyone has an addiction of or to something in the world. Some addictions include eating addictions, video game and internet addictions, smoking, drug, and OTHER stuff addictions, chocolate addictions (cause you have to put that in it’s own catorgory duh) and shopping addiction.

I’m addicted to:

Doctor Who, I’m a Whovian guys!!!


Food…especially junk and snack type food ei chips, chocolate, ice cream, sweet, salty, and savory small things 😛


The mall (I will try to get over there as much as possible!!!)


Taking pictures! Is that bad?? Lol

MEBad one but whatever…gets my point across insta LiviwithPups

I hope you guys enjoyed! Please comment what your addictions are!!!!! 🙂

Thanks again,

The Insane Blogger


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