My Favorite Sites

Hi guys! Today I’m going to talk about my favorite sites to be on 😛 I know that people have a general site that’s their ‘go to’ site and here are some of mine…if you have any in-common or would like to add yours comment down below!!

1) Instagram–explaining needed??

2) Pinterest–all the diys, beauty, fashion, hacks, and food you will ever need!

3) Youtube–hours of watching some funny topics and people ohh and music!

4) Netflix–all of my favorite shows and movies right in front of your face for free! (well almost)

5) Picmonkey–I love editing stuff on here!!!

These are just FIVE of my favorite sites…tbh I don’t really use social media other than up above and texting…that kinda stuff…I don’t really care for that much social media. It just seems to suck my day away;) That’s just me, some people can use self control and I have proven I don’t use any XD But I do love the internet!!!!

Thanks again,

The Insane Blogger


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Sites

  1. You’ve gotta explain me what instagram is like because I have people around me using it and I still don’t get it! Blush-blush
    Pickmonkey? First time I hear about it! Looks like fun!!

    • Hi Carolota! Instagram is a app you can get on your smartphone (many phones other than apple carry this app) you click on the app, make an account, and who-la! People can follow you and you can follow people. The point of Instagram is to show selfies with families and friends…but other people can see your pictures too so you can make it private for only family and friends if you want! And Picmonkey you have to try!!! :)))) Thanks again Carolota!!!

      The Insane Blogger

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