Cute Valentine’s Card

This is a simple so cute card! I thought you may want the instructions with this card! What you’ll need Scissors, glue, 2″x 6″ pieces of kraft cardstock, colored pencils, 20mm googly eyes, 3/4″ round paper punch, adhesive foam squares, ruler, patterned craft paper (6″ x 6″ pad; Make it: 1. Fold the cardstock […]

Skittle’s Headband

I got the rainbow loom for my birthday, September 23, and I made lots of things on the rainbow loom, gingerbread men, goldfish, candy cans, men, and LOTS of bracelets!!! I made my little Skittles a rainbow loom headband with little bows in it with no pattern. If you are a rainbow loom fan and […]

The Summer Fun

This is just a memory of part of my summer vacation at a beautiful lake house my aunt and uncle rented. I loved sitting by the campfire roasting marshmallows getting the sweet goo on my face. I also enjoyed kayaking, swimming, paddle-boating, playing with my little cousin Violet in the playroom, talking with my aunt, […]

Homemade Soap

I made this soap for my science class, it’s really easy and fun! I just melted a couple glycerin cubes and mixed it with natural green dye and cocoa butter. But you could use peppermint, lavender, and other sweet scents! You can buy glycerin for little at a craft store such as Joann’s or Hobby […]